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Visualisation Research Group


Visualisation Research Group

Dept. Computer Science

Durham Universitym

Science Site, South Road

Durham, DH1 3LE

United Kingdom


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This page lists a very small subset of the various visualisation resources available online. These are intended for the MSc course for the academic year 2002-3. After that time these links are not guaranteed to be kept up-to-date in any way.


Link Pages








Amazon Link Title Authors ISBN
cover Information Visualization Robert Spence 0201596261
cover Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think Stuart Card, Jock Mackinlay, Ben Schneiderman 1558605339
cover Visualizing the Semantic Web: XML-based Internet and Information Visualization Vladimir Geroimenko, Chaomei Chen 1852335769
cover Information Visualization: Perception for Design Colin Ware 1558605118
cover The Visual Display of Quantitative Information Edward Tufte 0961392142
cover Envisioning Information Edward Tufte 0961392118
cover Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative Edward Tufte 0961392126
cover Information Visualization and Virtual Environments Chaomei Chen 1852331364
cover Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Usama Fayyad, Georges Grinstein, Andreas Wierse 1558606890





Name Link
CiteSeer (use search terms visualisation and visualization)
VR News Information Visualization Links
Information Visualization Resources
Information Visualization Links
Information Visualization and Knowledge Management
Visualization/Data Analysis Links
Selected World Wide Web references for Information Visualization
Information Visualization - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Information Visualization Online Resources
Help for Scientific Visualization Tools
Web links on Scientific Visualization
Information Services for Scientific Visualization





Acronym Name
Vis IEEE Information Visualization
InfoVis IEEE Information Visualization Symposium
  IEEE International Conference on Information Visualisation
VDA SPIE Visual Data Exploration and Analysis
CGIM IASTED Computer Graphics and Imaging
VIIP IASTED Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing
EGUK Eurographics UK
EG Eurographics
VisSym EG-IEEE Symposium on Visualization
VR IEEE Virtual Reality





Name Link
University of Leeds
University of Durham
University of Bath
University of Michigan
University of California, Berkeley
University of Maryland





Name Report Slides
George Chatzioannou Report Presentation
Georgios Dimitriadis Report Presentation
Barbara Froner Report Presentation
Yew Neng Kian Report Presentation
Shankar Lal Report Presentation
Matt Ruby Report Presentation



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