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Visualisation Research Group


Visualisation Research Group

Dept. Computer Science

Durham Universitym

Science Site, South Road

Durham, DH1 3LE

United Kingdom




Below is a collection of resources useful for visualisation research.



VRG resources

VRG Publications

VRG Members' homepages



MSc resources

MSc Visualisation (Half) Module 2002-3



conferences and journals

Table of visualisation conferences

Helwig's conference calendar

Comp.Sci. Conferences & Workshops




The following is a collection of materials produced by Peter Young (an ex-member of the VRG) which are, although old, still relevant and useful. Please note that some of the HTML is incomplete, but most (if not all) is still available by selecting the zipped archives rather than the HTML pages.

Peter Young's Documents and Papers

Peter Young's Research and Demonstrators

Computer Graphics Course (Created and given by Peter Young)

Peter Young's Reference List

Peter Young's Software Visualisation Links

Peter Young's Information Visualisation Links

Peter Young's Virtual Reality Links



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