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Visualisation Research Group


Visualisation Research Group

Dept. Computer Science

Durham Universitym

Science Site, South Road

Durham, DH1 3LE

United Kingdom


Visualising Software Evolution

Claire Knight and Malcolm Munro


System and Software Evolution

An alternative view of systems, and taking a wider stance than of just visualising code, has been developed in conjunction with some industrial partners. This focus has been on the management of systems as a whole; code, functionality (at a business level), future plans, and organisational directions. This visualisation uses the three-dimensions to not only create code based visualisations within a certain sub-part of the visualisation (where all three of the x, y, and z co-ordinates are important), but also to show the progress of time and the system at various points through that time. Again, this visualisation focuses on providing views of the data that the user can then interrogate and manipulate in order to retrieve the necessary information. It also aims to make easily accessible the directly related information at any stage, thus providing an environment that is carrying out the hidden cross-referencing to be able to aid the user transparently.



Related Publications

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Circular Technology; Technological Management of Technology C. Knight and M.Munro Proceedings of the International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology (CISST), Las Vegas, USA, June 2001


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