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Visualisation Research Group


Visualisation Research Group

Dept. Computer Science

Durham Universitym

Science Site, South Road

Durham, DH1 3LE

United Kingdom


Visualisation Broker (VIBRO)

Claire Knight and Malcolm Munro



VIBRO is implemented in Java, making use of Jini. Jini is an extension to Java to extend it to the world of lightweight distributed computing. It supports a shift in focus to having software and resources spread across a number of machines that need to communicate and inter-operate to support large collections of users. It works by creating a conceptual plug-and-play model in this distributed computing environment. It should be remembered that Jini is concerned with about making services accessible and therefore how they locate connect to one another. It is not about what those services do or how they do it, other than the requirements placed on services if they are to be known as responsible services and manage their resources well. The Jini architecture aims to create a federation of devices and software components (services) into a single but dynamic distributed system.

Because of the wide range of visualisations and data sources (services or Jini services) that can be utilised within this framework, then it is necessary to provide some type of container through which they can be integrated and actually used. The client application fulfils this role, but also provides greater functionality such as working at the data description level to determine which data sources are suitable for linking with which visualisations. The links between the services are also handled at this level. Once the links have been made the event model used within the framework allows for the data and visualisation sources to communicate.



Related Publications

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