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Visualisation Research Group


Visualisation Research Group

Dept. Computer Science

Durham Universitym

Science Site, South Road

Durham, DH1 3LE

United Kingdom



Peter Young and Malcolm Munro



Graphical representations are important for program comprehension. Software visualisation is complicated greatly by the size and complexity of typical software systems, all visualisations have both their own merits and shortcomings, the problem in hand is to find a suitable and effective compromise. New methods and techniques for visualising software systems, such as the CallStax visualisation, show potential. The new representation in a 3D virtual world has the advantages of: No multiplicity of crossing lines; Greater flexibility in grouping functions and removing unwanted information; Viewpoint distance gives greater or lesser detail; Viewpoint position allows focusing of areas of interest while maintaining context.



Related Publications

Visualising Software in Virtual Reality Peter Young and Malcolm Munro Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Program Comprehension (IWPC 1998), Ischia, June 1998



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