VRML Cool Worlds

December 1998

This page shows some of the best VRML worlds which were produced in the 2nd and 3rd practical sessions. Selecting any of the images below will take you to a separate page which provides a larger screenshot, and links to either view the VRML world, or to look at the various source files. Note that in order to actually view the virtual worlds, a VRML plug-in must be installed in the web browser you are using. Alternatively, simply save each of the source files to disk and view the world using GLView. If you use the latter method then make sure you get all of the relavent files from the RIGHT-HAND column, and also check the filenames are not changed during the save.

Underneath each of the screenshots below is the name of the author and possibly also one or more small icons. These icons mean the following:

Excellent example : This world stands out as being an excellent example of a particular technique or is excellently modelled with good attention to detail. All the worlds handed in were of very good quality, this icon shows which authors have gone that bit further.

Includes interaction : This world contains touchsensors, events and routes to allow you to interact with it. Normally clicking on some object within the world will produce a response.

Includes animation : This world contains animation, such as things moving around, rotating or changing colour. This animation is sometimes triggered by interaction, or is simply always active.

Multiple files : This world contains multiple files and uses Inlining to link them together. Alternatively, separate image files are supplied with the VRML file to be loaded separately as a background.

Altered image : Some additional effort was necessary to get the screenshot shown. This effort could include loading a separate background image, or moving the viewpoint considerably.

Chris Schofield

Will Palmer

Andy Clegg

Andy Eckersall

Anthony Fiwek

Ben Nichols

Ben Stephenson

Chris Alexander

Chris Wood

Dan Buck

David Jones

Edward James

Georgie Weedon

Gerard Thornley

Greg Ford

Helen Sparkes

Ian Bamforth

Jacob Brown

James Pepper

Jennifer Capps

John Bailey

Jonathan Taylor

Justin Harper

Keith Halsey

Ketan Mistry

Marty Lowrie

Mary Mundell

Matt Regan

Michael Dodge

Nadhim Orfali

Neil Broadbent

Nina Potter

Paul Kerry

Philip Anderson

Richard Dean

Robert Cross

Russ Dacre

Stephen Kent

Stephen Reid

Steven Dunk

Stuart Charters

Stuart Nyemecz

Tasneem Hussein

Tim Bray

Tim Jonas

Tim Saunders

Tim Saunders

Tom Ansley

Ahmad Roumani