3D Graphics and Virtual Reality (Example answers 1)

Section A ( 6 marks )

Pick any three of the following :

Section B ( 3 marks )

A typical flight simulation system would use a model cockpit mounted on hydraulic jacks. These jacks can induce movement in the cockpit to provide a sense of motion within the virtual environment. The windows of the cockpit view the computer generated virtual environment that reacts accurately to flight control input and any scenarios programmed into it. The advantage of using such a system means that emergency procedures and potentially life threatening situations can be safely reproduced and used as a training exercise.

Section C ( 6 marks )

The three conventions which you must consider when working with a new 3D co-ordinate system are:

The following example shows a convention using the Y axis as up and the Z axis to represent depth. A right handed co-ordinate system is used, and the direction of positive rotation is shown using the right hand grip rule.

Section D ( 2 marks )

Section E ( 3 marks )

One sequence you could use is as follows (note: there may be another equally correct answer).

[Roll -90 ][Pitch 90 ][Yaw 0 ]

( Total 20 )