3D Graphics and Virtual Reality


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Table of Contents

3D Graphics and Virtual Reality

Lectures 4, 5 and 6

Lecture plan

What is VRML

Creating VRML worlds

The VRML file

The VRML file

VRML nuances

The VRML header

VRML nodes

VRML nodes example

VRML fields

Field types

Defining node names

Defining node names : example

Using defined node names

Building shapes

Our first VRML world

Modifying our world

Other shapes we can build

Moving on...

Understanding appearance

Understanding colour

RGB Colours

Some common RGB colours

HSV Colours

HSV Colours

HSV Colour chart

Understanding shading

Understanding luminance

Understanding transparency

VRML and transparency

The appearance node

The material node

The diffuseColor field

The emissiveColor field

The transparency field


The Group node

Grouping example

Grouping example

Box sizes

Things to note


The Inline node

Example of inlining


Nested co-ordinate systems

The Transform node


Translation example


Rotation example


Scaling example

Scaling example

A complete example

A desk lamp

Desk lamp : first steps

Desk lamp : materials

Desk lamp : base unit

Desk lamp : lower arm

Desk lamp : upper arm

Desk lamp : shade

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