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VRML Review

Projects / Systems

VirtuOsi is a three year project to investigate the use of distributed virtual environments to support the virtual organisation.

DEVRL DEVRL (Distributed Extensible Virtual Reality Laboratory). This project will allow people in different parts of the UK to be able to work together in the same virtual space to accomplish joint tasks. This will be supported with standard network facilities, such as SuperJANET.

Chris Hand,
De Montford University.

Dave Snowdon
Nottingham University.

Organisations / Research Groups

Superscape Ltd. home page.
Includes links for downloading their Viscape Netscape Plug-in.

The UK VR-SIG 3D-Object Archive
Access to a large number of 3d Object clip-art in various formats, including links to other archives and relevant VR and VRML sites.

Documents / Papers

[Shameless Plug] My own documents page. VR and VRML Software Survey
Written by myself with information extracted from various sources. This document is now very old (well for the speed of the VR community) and the information in it is out of date. It still has some pretty screen shots though.

Good sources of other links

Kevin Palfreyman's VR and Visualisation page.
Links to VR, VRML and visualisation pages.

Catalogue of Internet Resources on Virtual Reality
Catalogue of links, split into Applications, Publications, People and Resources categories.

Chris Hand's guide to VR Systems
Links to various sites related to VR systems.

John Costella's List of VR Resources.

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